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  • 11.12.15 - 27.02.16: "NO BORDERS", Emeka Okereke at Dominique Fiat Gallery, Paris

    Galerie Fiat Gallery
    16, rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais
    75003 Paris
    11 December 2015 - 27 February 2016. 


    Emeka Okereke
    Safâa Erruas
    Abdoulaye Konaté
    Nicola Lo Calzo

    Emeka Okereke:  Fire to Ash #surfaceofthings #abuja #kubwa #borderbeingproject #fire #borderbeings #transgressingfrontiers, Instagram series. 2015. 20 cm x 20 cm Courtesy of Artist/L'Agence à Paris/ Galerie Dominique Fiat.

    “The border exists but for this plenitude so as to go beyond it, and through it to share the differences fully.” -Edouard Glissant

    The border, real, symbolic or imaginary, has never been so present in our approach and understanding of the world and its movement. Are we the contemporaries of this world, mere observers of the threats and promises of a heavy time, or are we "of this world," full participants of the disasters and possibilities? Let us leave the question open and unresolved. But consider for a moment that only imaginations, in all of their diversity, can, without visas, pass through the walls and cross the borders that separate us in a very real way. In this perspective, the association of the work of Safaa Erruas, Abdoulaye Konaté, Nicola Lo Calzo and Emeka Okereke, is part of the free movement of imaginations that stimulate each other, are mutually revitalized, and shared. The finesse of Safaa Erruas’ monochrome installations responds to the polychromatic explosion of Abdoulaye Konaté drapes. The black and white images of a world that is both unified and divided by Emeka Okereke’s goods are in counterposition to the color photographs of a living world that remembers the crime of slavery in Nicola Lo Calzo’s work. We could develop at will these visible and invisible links between these four imaginations, without ever exhausting their irreducible singularities, but on the contrary, deepening the questions raised by each work. The border is a paradox, a work of art is a paradox. If pain is tender for Safaa Erruas, the collective is singular for Emeka Okereke, if memory is alive for Nicola Lo Calzo, the conscience of the world is secret for Abdoulaye Konaté. Memberships to a territory, a language, a community, are never just starting points; an artistic expression is a journey whose stake is more than ever to “go beyond” all borders. No Borders or Cross Borders? Once again, let it remain an open ended question as with all human endeavor that is escaped and not a closed world.