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  • 18.10 – 17.12.17: Emeka Okereke participates with Invisible Borders in "Cosmopolis" at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

    Invisible Borders is taking part in COSMOPOLIS #1: COLLECTIVE INTELLEGENCE at the National Musuem of Modern Arts Paris, also known as Georges Pompidou Centre. 

    From 18 October to 17 December, The Centre Pompidou is presenting the first edition of Cosmopolis: a new type of event dedicated to artistic practices that combine research and expertise-sharing. This platform, consisting of exhibitions, talks, performances and conversations, puts the spotlight on these new practices and creates conditions for exploring the social, urban and political questions they raise. Cosmopolis gives visibility to the various places where contemporary art flourishes, and to approaches and experiments concerning cultural translation, rooted in a local context but also part of an international network.

    “Cosmopolis #1: Collective Intelligence” presents approximately fifteen collectives engaging with subjects that range from collectivism and cultural translation to the transmission of knowledge, fromfood ethics and ecology to history and its fictions.

    The Invisible Borders Exhibition will feature: 

    • 80 minutes film of the Invisible Borders Road Trips 
    • Collage wall of images and texts drawn from photographs depicting the process of the Trans-African Road Trips, and newly created texts by selected writer-participants of the road trip.
    • Chapbooks from the writers of Borders Within Trans-Nigerian Road Trip 2016.

    Contributing artists of Invisible Borders: 
    Ala Kheir, Amaize Ojeikere, Charles Okereke, Emmanuel Iduma, Emeka Okereke, Jide Odukoya, Novo Isioro, Tom Saater, Yinka Elujoba, Uche Okonkwo.

    Emeka Okereke is Artistic Director of Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation. 

    More information: