• 11.07.2013 - 20.07.2013: Facilitator and Artistic Director of Invisible Borders' The Accra Project

    Invisible Borders comes to Ghana 11-20 July for The Accra Project….

    The Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation plans to organise a public space exhibition, workshops, symposium and readings in Accra as part of the follow up activities that comes with the Trans-African Road trip of each year. The space identified for the exhibition is the Nima Roundabout in Accra. The exhibition will transform the public space with imagery of contemporary Africa, displayed on a three-sided 20×40 ft. billboard and in the open grass of Nima Roundabout.

    The intention to make such outings is rooted in the core ideals of Invisible borders which is to transcend limitations, be it the physical frontiers that exists between people or those that exists between the artists and the public who are in fact, the inspiration for their creations. For more information on the programs, see below:

    PHOTO EXHIBITION OPENING | Sat. 13 July | Nima Roundabout

    Reception at St. Kizito School
    Exhibition in the public space of Nima Roundabout featuring works from the Invisible Borders Road Trip and by selected Ghanaian photographers.

    READ-OUT HANGOUT | Wed. 17 July | W.E.B. Du Bois Centre

    Open session featuring readings by participating writers from the Invisible Borders blog as well as from their work produced during the workshop. The evening will be headlined by Chibundu Onuzo, acclaimed author of Spider King’s Daughter (Faber & Faber) and Emmanuel Iduma, author of Farad.

    TALK PARTY Screening & Discussion | Fri. 19 July | W.E.B. Du Bois Centre

    Invisible Borders teams up with Accra[dot]Alt for an exclusive screening of the Invisible Borders film, projection of photographs from The Accra Project workshops, and panel discussion moderated by ‘the funky professor’ Kobby Graham. Mutombo da Poet and Poetry Asantewa on their spoken word game, DJ breaking it down on the turntables.

    WORKSHOPS on Photography, Writing, and Film-Making | 12-20 July | W.E.B. Du Bois Centre

    Workshops for selected participants in photography, writing, and film-making, including discussions, portfolio reviews, and ‘working the city.’


    Invisible Borders is a social intervention by a selected number of 21st century African artists who believe that building a Trans-African highway of the mind and sensitizing the populace toward trans-cultural exchange is the key to maximizing the unexplored potentials of the people of Africa. The Accra Project furthers the aims of fostering dialogue and discussions between people and tribes of the continent through tangible artistic interventions.

    The Accra Project is presented in collaboration with the Foundation for Contemporary Art, Ghana; Accra[dot]Alt; and Nima Muhinmanchi Art.

    The Accra Project is sponsored by Smoothy’s Nourish LAB, Sunshine Salad, Ink-It, Unik Xpressions, Absolut Vodka, and Roots Flavours Restaurant; with support from the W.E.B. Du Bois Centre, Nima AMA East Aywaso Sub-Metro, and St. Kizito Schoo

    To view outcome of the Accra project through images, click here:

  • 10.06.13 - 22.06.13: Workshop facilitator at "Invisible Borders a N'Djamena"

    INVISIBLE BORDERS is pleased to announce the exhibition “INVISIBLE BORDERS À N’DJAMENA”, at the Institut Français of Tchad, featuring photographs, writing, and films from the Invisible Borders Road Trip 2011: Lagos – Addis Ababa. The exhibition also includes a film projection in the public space and workshops in collaboration with Abdoulaye Barry and 7 Chadian photographers. The workshop will be facilitated by Emeka Okereke and Abdoulaye Barry

    “Invisible Borders à N’Djamena” features work by five artists from Invisible Borders and seven Chadian photographers: Ray Daniels Okeugo, Jumoke Sanwo, Ala Kheir, Kemi Akin-Nibosun, and Emeka Okereke; and Kram Ral Narabaye, Djimyeman Innocent, Dilah Silvain, Mianhounoum Nadji, Nagatil Ronelbe, Mahamou Ali Ahmat Bello, and Salma Khalil.

    The Invisible Borders Trans-African Road Trip is a project that annually assembles up to 10 African artists – photographers, writers, filmmakers and art historians from different countries in Africa – to embark on a road trip across the African continent with aims to animate the discourse of borders and Trans-African exchange. Two years after encountering N’Djamena on the third edition of the Road Trip project, Invisible Borders reconvenes in Chad to share works from the trip in the context where many of the images were taken.

    The Road Trip project is a social intervention by a selected number of 21st century African artists who believe that building a Trans-African highway of the mind and sensitizing the populace toward trans-cultural exchange is the key to maximizing the unexplored potentials of the people of Africa.

    About Invisible Borders:

    Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Initiative is an art-led initiative, founded in Nigeria in 2009 by passionate Nigerian artists—mostly photographers—with a drive and urge to effect change. The vision of the initiative is to become a symbol of networking and trans-border associations within the arts and photography in Africa, but also to become a platform for young emerging talents in the continent, encouraging them to think beyond borders at the beginning of their creative quest.

    The mission of the Initiative is to tell Africa’s stories, by Africans, through photography and inspiring artistic interventions; to encourage exposure of upcoming African photographers towards art and photography as practiced in other parts of the continent; to establish a platform that encourages and embraces trans-African artistic relationships, and to contribute towards the socio-political discourse shaping Africa of the 21st Century.

    Their activities aim to cut through the local, national and international, and to create points of interactions between these levels, hence the name “Invisible Borders.”

    Exhibition Opening:  Thursday 13 June, 2013
    Workshops:                          13 – 19 June, 2013
    Venue:                                  Institut Francais du Tchad, Avenue Mobutu. BP 1284 N’Djamena – TCHAD

    The “Invisible Borders à N’Djamena” exhibition is supported by the Institut Français of Chad, the Embassy of France, and Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation.

    - See more at:

  • 18 - 20. 05. 13: Panelist at "Étonnant Voyageurs" Book and Film Festival, Saint Malo. France

    From the 18th to the 20th of May 2013, Emeka Okereke will be in Saint Malo (France) in the Framework of the Book and Film Festival Étonnant Voyageurs. He will participate in panel discussions related to Paradigm shift in Africa. 

    Here is some extract from the French version of the concept note:

    They are novelists, designers, filmmakers, journalists ... All undermine the conventional wisdom. Exploring these three days the new forces that are transforming the continent, the Africa that journalists Richard Poplak and Kevin Bloom called 3.0, which, through many seismic changes radically renew artistic forms. Discover some of those who invent the new Africa Niq Mhlongo , a young South African author of the kwaito generation Wale Oyejide and Olalekan Jeyifous , designer and architect-designer Brooklyn, both originally from Nigeria, South Africa Bontle Senne ,Emeka Okereke , Lagos photographer and Filipa Domingues , photographer and producer of the film The African Cypher .

    To find out more about this project, see link: