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Guest Lecturer at the Berlin University of Arts
emeka okereke
Oct 8, 2023
I am returning as a Guest Lecturer at the Universität Der Kunste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts). I will continue with my self-designed course, "Exploring A Void", for the 2023/2024 Semester under the Interdisciplinary Art Practices & Theory program. Thus, I will work with an eclectic mix of students from different disciplines. If last year's configuration is anything to go by, most of the students will be meeting each other for the first time in my class – quite reminiscent of the artists-configuration of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project, which, over the past decade, has shaped my artistic-pedagogical methodology.

 "We live in a time of volatile negotiations between the past and the present. This course proposes a re-reading and re-historicising of our time, drawing from thoughts, ideas and premonitions expounded in postcolonial discourse, the field of cultural studies, and intersectional theories". At the core of this artistic-pedagogical intervention is to critique and delineate the multilayered conflations, crisscrosses, and double meanings between the subjective and the collective. 

This course is also open to non-students of the University of the Arts who would like to participate in the course. To register as an "external student/participant", send me an email to

For more information about the course, visit: "Exploring A Void by Emeka Okereke at UDK Berlin."

Exploring a Void
Seminar, English, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS

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