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Moderator of "Skipping Borders" at African Book Festival Berlin
emeka okereke
Aug 24, 2022
Location: Berlin
I am taking part in the African Book Festival Berlin as the  moderator of a panel titled “Skipping Borders”. Essentially, there are artists, writers and thinkers who are preoccupied with articulating the nature, mechanism and dramaturgy of border conditions from an African perspective. Their work is a crucial part of the redefinition of the ontology of being and motion currently taking place in our time. I shall be conversing with them in my capacity and experience as the Artistic Director of Invisible Borders Trans-African Project. So join us. Bring friends and colleagues along. Get your tickets via the organisers' website:

For those who already know the event, the venue changed last minute (see last slide). Why? That’s a story for another day. For now, take note and come to the right venue.

And ehh — just because it’s a book festival does not mean it’s going to be all nerdy. Africans know how to loosen things up. So, it’s going to be fun!

See you in the weekend.

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