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Photographers from Africa and Asia discuss their life and artistic practice on Nkata Podcast Show
emeka okereke
Jul 25, 2020
Nkata Podcast: Art & Processes is a long-form podcast show animated by Emeka Okereke. The show features conversations by individuals – artists, cultural operators, creatives – whose life and artistic practice are considered relevant to our time. Coming of age or forming a bridge to the 21st century, these individuals embody, through their artistic preoccupations and being-in-the-world, the concept of Relation and global interconnectedness while moving back and forth specific cultural realities.

The focus, as it stands, is on those who are from the “Majority World” (a term coined by Shahidul Alam, as a more appropriate alternative to “Global South”).  

So far, there are seven episodes, four of which are conversations with photographers:

Nontsikelelo Veleko
Nontsikelelo Veleko (b. 1977) is a South African photographer most notably recognised for her depiction of black identity, urbanisation and fashion in post-apartheid South Africa. Veleko studied photography at the Market Theatre Photo Workshop(1999–2004). Listen to Nontsikelelo here.

Akinbode Akinbiyi
Akinbiyi (b.1946) is a Berlin-based Nigerian photographer, writer, curator and educator who has been working in the art world/ creative field for over four decades. This conversation touches on several aspects of his life and practice beginning with moments and events that led to and spurred his vocation as an artist. Listen to Akinbode here.

Shahidul Alam
Shahidul Alam (b.1955) is a Bangladeshi photojournalist, teacher and social activist. He has been a photographer for more than 40 years. His life and work can invariably be summarised as a service to society, culture and humanity.  In 2014, he was awarded the Shilpakala Padak by the President of Bangladesh. In 2018 he received the Humanitarian Award from Lucie Awards. In the same year, he was named one of the  Times Persons of The Year by Time Magazine. Listen to Shahidul here.

Uche James Iroha
One cannot exhaustively and informatively review the history of contemporary Nigerian photography without frequently returning to the name Uche James Iroha (B.1972, Enugu). Since 1999, Uche’s ideology, activities and support for younger photographers, have paved the way for the flourishing of Nigerian photography in no small measure. Listen to Uche here.

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