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  • 16.10 – 23.10.17: Guest Lecturer at Hartford University MFA Photography Program, San Francisco Session

    From October 16 – 23, Emeka Okereke was a guest-lecturer at the San Francisco session of the MFA Photography Program of Hartford School of Art. 

    The limited residency MFA in Photography at the Hartford Art School is an innovative program designed for both mature individuals with established experience in the field as well as recent graduates who wish to further their own practice and acquire an MFA degree in order to facilitate their professional credentials as artists and educators. It differentiates itself from existing programs in that the new program is an International limited-residency program.

    The program couples intensive on-campus sessions during the summer with a travel component in the spring and fall. The three summer sessions meet at the University of Hartford for two-weeks, during which students and faculty interact inside and outside the classroom. The two fall and two spring sessions meet at off-site locations (New York City, Berlin, and other sites) for seven-to-ten days. In the time between classroom sessions, students complete course assignments and maintain regular contact with their Thesis Advisor. The total time to the MFA is twenty-five months, of which only ten to twelve weeks are spent away from your studio.

    First time with the students was in Berlin (as a visiting artist) in May. The San Francisco session focused mainly on portfolio reviews and crit sessions, as well as one on one conversations with the students. For more infomation about the program, visit: