Date: September 2022

In September 2022, the visiting scholar and artist Emeka Okereke presented at the Indiana University African Studies Program about his artistic career and the Invisible Borders Trans-African project. This presentation is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn more about how an established Nigerian artist uses photography and media to advance conversations about borders, modernity, and coloniality in Africa. Emeka also pulls from Igbo cosmologies and Franz Fanon to show how his work engages specifically with modernity, imagination, and relations between the self and Other.

Edited by George Amstrong for Indiana University, Bloomington.
Date: October 2020

Emeka Okereke and Akinbode Akinbiyi engage in conversations building on their long term artistic engagement with the theme of borders and cities. This project was part of The Living City Berlin. Emeka Okereke also screened his film, I Wonder As I Wander, a short biopic of Akinbode Akinbiyi.
Date: December 2019

For the 12th edition of the Bamako Photography Encounters, Emeka Okereke conceived and directed the activities of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project as its Artistic Director.

This video gives a glimpse of the Invisible Borders activities in the framework of the 12th Bamako Photography Biennale, 2019. The activities comprised of 10 days workshop, public space exhibition, presentation, talks and multimedia exhibition. This video takes the audience across a good number of these activities as we move from one to the other across the city of Bamako.

Media coordination: Kenechukwu Nwatu.
Date: July 2019

In the framework of the 8th edition of the N'gola Biennal in Sao Tome, the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project – as part of their participation – facilated a workshop with budding creatives – photographers, writers, filmmakers, and project cordinators – living and working in Sao Tome. In this video, some of the participants as well as Emeka Okereke (facilitator) speaks about the place and impact of the workshop.

Date: 16th March, 2019
Emeka Okereke took part in the conference "Light Writing" in the framework of the 2nd Chennai Photo Biennale, Chennai India. His presentation "Seeing in the eye: Photography and the Gaze" focused on the place of photography within the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project of which he is the founder and artistic director.
Duration: 34mins.
Date: 20th – 29th July 2018  "Exploring a...
Date: 20th – 29th July 2018

"Exploring a Void" by Emeka Okereke, at Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg Austria

See images of installation
Date: 19th July 2018

During an Artist's Talk in the context of the 2018 Salzburg Summer Academy (Austria) where he directed a class, Emeka Okereke discussed his works and experiences of navigating borders for close to 15 years. He drew from personal stories of encounters to illustrate some of the thoughts and positions that continue to inform his work and life.

Specifically, he touched on and gave examples of covert, passive-yet-aggressive forms by which the violence of racism and otherisation is perpetually inscribed in the everyday European space while offering proposals on how to move toward a more relational world where the place of human interactions and exchanges is prioritised over Capital. Where Capital is given its rightful place at the service of human lives rather than human lives exploited to sustain the machinery of Capital.

Duration: 70 mins

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