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  • Night Ride (1)

    Dark horizons

    Cuddled in front seat, driver unknown

    Breaking distance into crumbs

    News of life, and of death

    From Paris to Amsterdam, no borders

    Only of the head – implanted when fingerprints were scanned,

    implanted to make fear out of wind

    This body, this new cartography

    Retracing, erasing, replacing 

    It is deconstruction, not destruction 

    Restitution, not prostitution 


    Feet in the most unlikely places

    Pillows of sidewalk pavement

    Stench of lives lived in the open

    Trembling fingers in baby winter

    Eyes struggle under sleep's weight

    The voice rings again: Daddy I miss you too

    I knew I would write this poem one more time. 

     This body, this new cartography.


    Amsterdam - Paris,